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Three Feathers follows the life journey of three young Indigenous men: Flinch, Bryce and Rupert.


During the course of a robbery, they cause great injury to a respected Elder. The community is enraged and demand justice, but the justice given is through a traditional sentencing circle. The youth are sent to live on the land for nine months with two Dene Elders.  At first the young men rebel against the support of the Elders but, with the land as their teacher, they soon come to rely on the wisdom and guidance of the Elders.

The Elders guide the youth, sharing with them the wondrous teachings of the land and helping them connect with their ancestral language, cultural traditions and aboriginal values rooted in respect, kindness and sharing. 


Bryce, Rupert and Flinch learn to become responsible and capable young men and, after their nine months on the land, are now intent on righting the harm they have caused their community.  But how will the community react to their return? Are they ready to forgive? This story goes on to explore the power and grace of restorative justice and the cultural legacy that can empower future generations.


As the story itself takes place over nine months and features many scenes of the young men struggling to survive in the bush in all four seasons, four film shoots are being done in Fort Smith, NT, where the novel was inspired. Each season offers its own challenge and its own lessons – from the responsibility of maintaining a fire during a heavy spring rainstorm to the customs and prayers offered to a bison that has given its life in a fall hunt.


Nearly all cast and crew are Northerners. We are excited that the film will not only showcase the spectacular Northwest Territories and Indigenous culture, but also Northern talent.

A unique feature of this live-action movie is that film will be produced in four different languages - English, South Slavey, Chıpewyan and Bush Cree. The finished DVD will provide the viewer with the option of watching the movie in any of the four languages, with or without English subtitles. The producers envision a movie experience that is as much a language learning resource as it is a source of high entertainment.

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